Trampoline Spring Removal Tool - 2 pieces

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Product Overview


A must have tool for any trampoline owner - the spring installation tool makes it possible for anyone to get the job done without worrying about getting hurt. Safe and easy.

The universal design of this trampoline spring traction tool makes it suitable for use with all brands of trampolines.

EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE SPRINGS - The spring tool helps you slide the springs onto the trampoline frame easily and quickly when installing your jumping mat. Save your fingers with these t-hooks. You can't go wrong.

SUPER STRONG AND CONVENIENT SPRING PULL TOOL - Unlike other cheap plastic trampoline spring pulls, our spring pull tool is made entirely of stainless steel and is in one piece, which is sturdy and durable to ensure that do not break during use, will not hurt your hand.

Easy to use and operate: insert a spring (hook side down) into one of the mat's V-rings or spring loops, pull it back with the spring tool, and insert the other hook of the spring into the frame of the trampoline. Repeat the above actions until you are done.


A spring-loaded tool will make installation much easier

T-Hook is suitable for all types of trampoline springs of all brands.

This tool prevents your hands from getting injured while mounting the trampoline springs to the frame.

It is more labor-saving and convenient to install springs.

Super strong and handy spring removal tool.

Our pulling tool is made entirely of stainless steel and is in one piece. Definitely better than models with cheap plastic handles, they don't snag under the pressure of pulling on the springs so it won't hurt your hand.

Easy to use and operate

You don't have to struggle to get springs on the trampoline frame, T-Hook will save your hands and make your job much easier.

This tool works for large outdoor trampolines as well as small mini and exercise trampolines.

The package includes: 2 x spring removal tools, enough for you to use daily, the trampoline tool can provide a long service for you.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review