Tide Pods with Downy Laundry Detergent Pacs April Fresh 85 Ct

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Tide PODS Downy laundry detergent pacs offer the Tide clean you love; now with Downy Fabric Protect Stretch. Use these 4-in-1 laundry pacs to clean; protect colors; fight stains and protect your clothes from damage in the wash. The proprietary technology allows you to clean and condition your clothes in 1 step helping protect them from stretching and fading in the wash. And the innovative; multi-chamber design separates key ingredients until they hit the wash for maximum cleaning power.
Only Tide PODS Plus Downy cleans and conditions in 1 step; helping protect clothes from stretching and fading in the wash
Tide PODS Plus Downy have the signature Downy April Fresh Scent for outstanding freshness
From America's #1 Trusted Detergent Brand* *Tide is Consumers' #1 Trusted laundry detergent brand in Readers Digest survey
Each Tide PODS is 4-in-1 including detergent; stain remover; brightener; and Downy Fabric Protect technology
The new special film now dissolves even better in both hot & cold water
Tide PODS are formulated with quick collapsing Smart Suds; targets tough stains and works in both HE and standard washing machines
Use 1 pac for small/medium loads; 2 pacs for large loads; or 3 pacs for extra-large loads
Like any household detergent; keep away from children


(No reviews yet) Write a Review